Bi-Con Engineering, LLC (BCE) is a professional engineering firm within the Natural Gas Industry providing complete engineering and design solutions.

Bi-Con Services, Inc. added in-house engineering support to ensure that quality engineering is available to support customer needs.

BCE supports the Bi-Con Services, Inc. Construction, Design-Build, Electrical, and Manufacturing Divisions with engineering, design, and drafting services as required in order to provide everything from complete turnkey Compressor Station solutions to projects such as Measurement and Regulation facilities, pre-fabricated skids, control panels, pipe fabrication drawings, and field engineering support services.

Our Mission

Our mission at BCE is to provide safe, complete, accurate, clear, compliant, constructible, and cost-effective engineering solutions for a Better Construction Experience.

  • Safe
  • Complete
  • Accurate
  • Clear
  • Compliant
  • Constructible
  • Cost Effective
Our Approach

While natural gas transmission and midstream companies are Customers, BCE also considers Bi-Con Services and other Construction Contractors to be Customers. Therefore, we approach projects from an Owner’s perspective and the Contractor’s perspective. We are support and are dedicated to providing project deliverables that the Contractor needs and the Owner deserves. We will plan, schedule, be proactive, communicate, document, deliver, and provide Customer support from the beginning of engineering through the completion of construction.



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Our history


Bi-Con, formerly known as G&L Constructors was formed in Gassaway, WV. In 1969 G&L moved to Derwent, OH.

Construction Division - Mining Industry Served

Bi-Con began to serve construction services to the mining industry.

Manufacturing Division

Manufacturing capabilities were incorporated for pipe and plate work. This allowed modular assembly of equipment skids.

Construction Division - New Markets Served

Bi-Con made construction services available to industrial and utility clients.

Commercial Building Division

The Commercial Building Division was formed to serve commercial, industrial, and government markets.

Bi-Con Electrical Division

The Electrical Division was added to enhance our services and better meet our customer's needs.

The Safety Group

The Safety Group was started in 2001 and acquired by Bi-Con in 2008. This allows us to offer a wide range of safety services and products.

Bi-Con Engineering

Bi-Con made the strategic decision to develop in-house engineering and Bi-Con Engineering was formed.